Business brokering

Assistance purchasing or selling shareholdings

For some years, FINMASTE has been providing its services to its core clients and many new small and medium enterprises that want to purchase or sell holdings in Switzerland and abroad, paying close attention to Swiss and community regulations that govern this area. The current global economic climate has pushed many companies to pay greater attention to this area, sometimes in a final attempt to save jobs, and to decide to put their own shares and other holdings up for sale with the view to acquiring strategic holdings at a time when companies or individuals that do have the wherewithal are in a position to successfully close deals in some key European companies.

Experience with Italian, Swiss, French, Bulgarian and Russian companies

We have assisted clients, to great mutual satisfaction, on transactions involving Italian, Swiss, French, Bulgarian, Russian and other foreign companies. We create a specific plan of action with the support of our client making the purchase, and also carry out an accurate valuation of the company, supported by the client.

Helping our clients identify the best company to acquire part or all of.

From drafting the initial agreements to the final notarial deeds

FINMASTE makes use of its network of in-country consultants to assist its clients in each phase of the project, from drafting the initial agreements to the final notarial deeds and non-compete and confidentiality agreements, analysing the legal and fiscal aspects of each transaction and agreeing and supervising payments to ensure they are made in the correct form and within the set timeframes. We have concluded a range of transactions assisting Swiss groups to purchase Italian and other foreign companies. We have also assisted Swiss companies seeking new operational solutions to increase their presence in the market that have come across Italian, Russian and European companies and entrepreneurs seeking to penetrate the Swiss market.