Who we are

FINMASTE is a dynamic company originally founded in Italy with over 10 years of experience in the field of services and consulting for different sized European companies across a range of sectors.

The company was created in Italy 2003 and initially concentrated on providing consulting and services to Italian companies, specifically in preparing the documentation required for complex qualification processes and allocation of tenders and public contracts issued by Italian bodies and institutions, primarily in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

The team's experience

Since it was first created, FINMASTE has been able to attract increasingly dynamic and flexible professionals with national and international networks who have amassed a wealth of experience they bring to our team in all the areas in which we provide services. FINMASTE has worked alongside companies operating across a number of regions, principally operating in the BIOMEDICAL, OIL & GAS and CONSTRUCTION industries. Over the years, clients have requested additional services, which we subsequently offered in the context of a journey of mutual growth and learning which generated a solid, fully collaborative and highly efficient working relationship, meaning our clients consider FINMASTE a key part of their team, an external department to which they can refer as soon as the company encounters issues it is not yet able to manage internally.  The services FINMASTE offers have been developed as a result of working with small and medium enterprises for 10 years and are tailored for each new project to fit the request and meet the requirements.

Our experienced and expert team has a dynamic and flexible way of working, supporting companies and the entrepreneurs who manage and represent them, every step of the way. We match our needs to those of our clients and understand management and decision making processes.

In addition, thanks to our accurate and meticulous cost management and a balanced use of internal staff and the wide range of external, local consultants, FINMASTE is still the most economical solution on the market.

When the company was still quite young we also began providing services to foreign companies struggling to tackle the Italian market and intending on participating in tenders with particular reference to the biomedical sector and the provision of sanitary services to Italian hospitals, and extending to include a range of other sectors such as construction and civil and industrial clean up.

FINMASTE then decided to swiftly respond to requests for more information arising from collaborations with small and medium-small groups outside of Italy by creating a team of market analysts made up of internal and external resources and capable of producing detailed studies. They created specific methods for identifying potential clients, new sectors, publications of calls for tender and open competitions using a tailored mailing list system, competitor analysis and collaboration or supply agreements with companies already present in Italy.

Wide network of consultants​​

It was back in 2003 that FINMASTE made its first foray into the sector of assistance services for Italian national public tenders for small companies that did not have the resources or capacity to create an internal tender office.  Globalisation took care of the rest. Taking our business global and increasing the number of requests for our services which have spread to every corner of Europe over the years. Today, in response to our clients’ requests, we are looking at emerging markets, primarily in Africa with a range of projects in Mozambique, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Over these 10 years of constant work and through carrying out its own projects, FINMASTE has met a great number of professionals of all nationalities and skill sets. They wholeheartedly share our unique brand of enthusiasm and our dynamic ways of working that allow us to meet the client’s expectations. Many of them decided to continue working with us, and this is how our network of local consultant across Europe was built. They are also highly competent when it comes to their own geographical areas and so diversified in the field in which they operate that they are able to rise to the vast majority of challenges we are asked to tackle.

FINMASTE has grown over the years, providing concrete solutions for its clients, developing loyal working relationships that mean our company really does act as consultants for foreign groups interested in purchasing holdings in small or medium Italian enterprises. These strong working relationships have been developed from professional collaborations or in the context of market penetration assessments. Today, FINMASTE is firmly established as a broker that seeks and manages transactions for the sale and/or purchase of holdings in Italian and foreign companies, supporting Swiss or foreign groups throughout the process of expansion and acquisition.

Finally, since 2009 FINMASTE has worked with companies from all sectors in finding and selecting internal and external personnel, depending on instructions, preparing selection interviews, psychometric tests, staff assessments, subcontracting and assistance preparing contracts.

Over the years, the number of foreign clients gradually rose to equal the number of Italian companies we work with, meaning we needed to add to our team staff with experience and expertise in an international context and comprehensive knowledge of the main European languages. A move was then considered, and in 2012 the company relocated to Switzerland to take advantage of its central location in Europe and with a view to creating a regional management hub composed on numerous professionals and consultants across Europe.

Conoscenza del territorio svizzero

Our office is in Lugano, at the doors of a market that we know very well and also in the heart of Europe, where we do business every day.

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