Consultancy services - incorporation of a business registered in Switzerland

FINMASTE chose to relocate to Switzerland in 2012 and in the past few years we have amassed in-depth knowledge of the Swiss Confederation.

As before, our clients are not huge multinationals or big local groups operating around the world, but small and medium sized enterprises, the only type of company we work with, present across Switzerland and which, having reached a particular juncture in the company’s life cycle, want to take it further. Our clients either want or need to find new opportunities and new talent to add to their teams or want to grow their business through identifying and analysing companies operating in the same or other sectors.

We operate across the whole of Switzerland, with a network of Swiss consultants, and our clients are based in Lugano, Zurich, Liestal and Frauenfeld, to name a few, and operate in the majority of the cantons.

OurĀ head office is in Lugano, at the doors of a market we know particularly well: Italy. Our location is also at the centre of Europe, which is convenient as we do business across the continent every day, putting in our best efforts and sharing in our clients’ successes.

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